Thursday, March 6, 2014

Designer of the Week : Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2014 RTW Collection

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" Oh honey , did you get the eggs and milk ? ". Karl Lagerfeld premiered his Chanel fall 2014 RTW show during this seasons Paris Fashion Week. Lagerfeld is known for his elaborate sets  and this seasons set was a imitation of a so called " Luxury supermarket". Every product displayed from bread to spaghetti packages had the Chanel label on it .Some looks seen were tweed , leather and lots of color. I think it is to say that Lagerfeld was inspired by Andy Warhol's art work and other Pop Art works.With his impeccable textiles , trims and embroidery Lagerfeld truly created a housewife's haute couture wonderland.


  1. I loved this collection from the creativity of the supermarket to the pieces Lagerfeld designed. Hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like x

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  3. such a great idea for a show

  4. This was so genius, right?! xx

  5. this collection was so cool! completely insane set up, but very unique!

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  6. Great!